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Topco Media is a leader in South African business-to-business communication, where our primary service and product offerings i.e. Events and Publishing,

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    Our Publications educate; inform; foster relationships; and facilitate understanding on a range of topical issues and subjects.

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    Topco Media organises events that build business relationships needed to facilitate local economic growth and development.

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    Topco’s awards foster strong business competition and give recognition to some of South Africa’s top businesses.

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We annually host Events where top companies are awarded for their prime performance. View Our Awards and Conferences sites.

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  • vision2030_publication

    Vision 2030

    Vision 2030 Publication 2015 In collaboration with the National Planning Commission Secretariat in the Department of the Presidency, Topco Media will produce the Vision 2030 book to examine, outline, unpack the NDP from both the private and public sector perspective

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  • topwomen_11th

    Top Women in Business

    South Africa’s authority on gender empowerment. The Top Women publication identifies, researches and celebrates excellence in gender empowerment.

    The annual publication is the result of a process where our research department selects over 1500 gender-empowered companies to list and profile. The companies that meet our entry criteria include local and national government departments, educational institutions and State-owned enterprises.

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  • top500_7th

    Top 500 South Africas Best Managed Companies

    Top500 is an annual B2B publication that identifies companies achieving the highest level of performance and success.


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Mineworkers Investment Trust call for mining public and private sector to work together

“Managing the Tools and Experience to Impact the Much Needed Transformation in the Mining Industry” will be the topic under discussion at a breakaway session on Social Protection, sponsored by the Mineworkers Investment Trust (MIT), at the Second Annual Vision2030 Summit in June. Topco Media will be hosting the Vision2030 Summit on 8 and 9 […]

Water Infrastructure – Unlocking SA’s Economy

Water has been on the minds of South Africans since the full extent of the drought took effect in many regions of the country, which weighed down heavily on many related sectors in the country, such as agriculture and trade. Water infrastructure is one of South Africa’s priorities at this stage, not only to deal with the effects of the recent drought, but also to negate the effects of similar situations in the future.