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As South Africa’s leader in business research, recognition and networking, Topco Media has helped over 2 500 organisations during its 21 years – including multinationals like Microsoft, McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz and Coca Cola.

We have worked with government departments including the GCIS, DTI, DIRCO and DEA; with agencies such as Brand SA, BBC and BUSA and with all of the major Public Entities including, in recent times, the Richards Bay and Coega IDZs.

Among the many JSE-listed companies with ties to Topco are Standard Bank, PPC and Anglo American.

The 10 000 organisations we research each year trust us to use quantitative and qualitative data to objectively grant external accreditation to the best-managed and best-performing companies in South Africa; to its BEE and gender parity leaders; to implementers of national development and to HR/tech innovators.

This external accreditation carries significant weight in the market. From my own 21 years at Topco, I can give you several examples of how it has helped these organisations.

Through the Top Empowerment platform Microsoft, for example, entrenched its image as a multinational demonstrably committed to BEE in South Africa. Through listing in Topco’s Top 300 Companies of the Western Cape publication, many years ago, Old Mutual secured a host of new business clients. There are many more such case studies within the huge bank of data we have aggregated on South Africa’s private and public sector.

Have a conversation with us today, about what partnership with Topco Media will do for you.

Ralf Fletcher | CEO


Topco Media hosts several annual awards ceremonies that showcase industry leaders in performance, empowerment, women leadership, HR, innovation and national development.


The conferences that accompany our awards bring together top decision-makers and thought leaders to workshop and stimulate economy-wide advancement in these areas.


Our Research Department focuses purely on surveying and researching thousands of organisations in order to identify the economy’s top companies and leaders.


Through its 21 years of research, Topco Media has built up a unique overview of corporate best practice, innovation and success, drawn from submissions by thousands of businesses and business leaders.


The Topco library of information contains accurate information on 12000 organisations in every market sector, going back two decades.


This research informs our trusted benchmarking of South Africa’s top performing, most empowered and most innovative organisations in every market sector.

Business to Business

Topco Media facilitates the growth of partnerships within and between the public and private sectors via conferences, summits and Fast Track Networking (FTN) events.


A continually-updated databank informs our portfolio of annual publications, viewed as essential reference material by governmental and business decision-makers.

Custom publications

Topco handles external commissions for magazines and books, such as the South African government’s Public Sector Manager


Our annual awards, conferences and publications deliver extensive multimedia exposure for partnering brands via both internal and external channels.

Across several sector-specific iconic brands – Top 500, Top Women and more – Topco is proud to bring together the key decision makers shaping South Africa’s economic future today.

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