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Who are we?

At TopCo Media, we do things differently. We know how unique your service offering is, which is why we’ve aligned our services to your business. As a business driver in your business, you are continuously looking for ways in which to grow your bottom line. And we know it’s not easy, which is why our services are directly aligned to your strategy. Our services range from hosting a summit, with state of the art speakers. You are welcome to become an event exhibitor, or join us as a delegate. We have other bespoke services including an annual publication featuring South African leaders and Top Performers, as well as qualitative and quantitative research to further grow your business.

Why choose Topco Media


Topco Media hosts several annual awards ceremonies that showcase industry leaders in performance, empowerment, women leadership, HR, innovation and national development.


The conferences that accompany our awards bring together top decision-makers and thought leaders to workshop and stimulate economy-wide advancement in these areas.


Our Research Department focuses purely on surveying and researching thousands of organisations in order to identify the economy’s top companies and leaders.


Through its 21 years of research, Topco Media has built up a unique overview of corporate best practice, innovation and success, drawn from submissions by thousands of businesses and business leaders.

Grown beyond borders

The Topco library of information contains accurate information on 12000 organisations in every market sector, going back two decades.


This research informs our trusted benchmarking of South Africa’s top performing, most empowered and most innovative organisations in every market sector.

Business to business

Topco Media facilitates the growth of partnerships within and between the public and private sectors via conferences, summits and Fast Track Networking (FTN) events.


A continually-updated databank informs our portfolio of annual publications, viewed as essential reference material by governmental and business decision-makers.

Custom Publications

Topco handles external commissions for magazines and books, such as the South African government’s Public Sector Manager


Certification can foster organisational and process improvements which may contribute to better quality and customer satisfaction, contributing to better financial performance and competitive position


Celebrate your individual potential and your company’s road to success. See how you measure up against other top companies and leaders in your sector.Winning an award demonstrates excellence, adding to your credibility for key stakeholders, clients and partners. Leverage your award and build your brand by marketing your achievement. Let us know how you’re doing good business!

We’re proud of our Brands

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Standard Bank Top Women

Future of HR
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Future of Sustainability

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Topco News

The trickle-down effect of good governance as part of ESG

The trickle-down effect of good governance as part of ESG

Currently, there’s no global mandated framework for how companies report ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) progress, so it’s an optimal time to assess ESG progress and potential. Companies that move on ESG efforts now can start to tell their story to investors, employees and communities, engendering goodwill and paving the way for future opportunities.

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Topco Media’s Certification

From the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry

Across several sector-specific iconic brands – Top 500, Top Women and more – Topco is proud to bring together the key decision makers shaping South Africa’s economic future today.

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