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5 principles of success from a car retailer to tech entrepreneurs

In this week’s Business Unusual Podcast, Topco Media CEO, Ralf Fletcher, sits down to chat to Essa Suleman, Director of Woodford.

In this week’s Business Unusual Podcast, Topco Media CEO, Ralf Fletcher, sits down to chat with Essa Suleman, Director of Woodford. Essa places “customer excellence” at the heart of what he does. This differs from customer service in that he shifts focus away from simply providing customers with service, rather focusing on providing them with the excellence he believes all customers deserve. Having worked at Woodford for over ten years, Essa has a wealth of knowledge in the field of car rentals.

Ralf and Essa dive into an exciting conversation, touching on everything from how to provide customers with the personal service they deserve, to religion and the way it helps many people navigate work success. Among other topics, Essa talks us through his top five principles of success – service excellence, the importance of technology, the team you surround yourself with, relationships, and respect and humility.

Essa Suleman joined Woodford Car Hire in January 2010 as Operations Director and became Director in 2017. Before joining Woodford, he was a flight instructor at Loutzavia Flight Schools, training upcoming pilots. Essa operates out of the Durban area and is passionate about customer care and service excellence. 

Woodford Car Hire is South Africa’s largest independent car rental company, with a national footprint at all major airports and centres and a fleet of over 1600 vehicles across three core divisions.  After 25 years, Woodford Car Hire and the Woodford Group remain a family-owned company, ensuring that there’s a personal touch to their service and a commitment to growing Woodford’s loyal base of clientele.

The Woodford Group is a homegrown company that has never been afraid to venture abroad and explore the use of innovative practices, tools and technologies. That means that as a local independent, Woodford combines the best of understanding the local market while still being on the leading edge of innovation in the industry.

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