6 ways to ensure your workforce is performing optimally

Written by Topco Staff Writer


6 ways to ensure your workforce is performing optimally

By Khaya Dondolo

Every workplace is different and there are no quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions to ensure productivity. But all businesses have certain things in common that help navigate productivity inhibiters.

Get with the programme

Implementing appropriate tech tools and, ensuring your workforce is upskilled to use them effectively will ensure optimal performance.

When introducing new technology, start with the basics and provide employees with manuals and tutorials to get them engaged with this new way of working. The more engaged they are, the more willing they will be to go the extra mile.

Find out the issues

Conduct employee pulse surveys to name the major challenges your staff are facing and integrate tech tools to make their professional lives more efficient and productive.

Showing you care will reap its own rewards.

Keeping the hype high

A happy workforce is something business owners and leaders have to work hard at achieving and maintaining. There is a whole industry based on how to ensure a happy productive work place. One of these is the FISH philosophy based on 4 key principles:

  • Be there
  • Play
  • Make their day
  • Choose your attitude

Essentially, as with most relationships, what you put in is what you get out.

Hyped employees are emotionally, physically, and cognitively active in their daily work.

Empowering your workforce

Empowering people through skills development and incentives is a valuable investment not just for those individuals but to your entire business. Ensuring a career path and that every staff member has an equal opportunity to grow will empower and motivate workers to achieve their goals and grow the business.

Bonding with your workforce

To ensure your workforce is motivated by your presence will require a simple demonstration of leading values. Bonding with your team will come from your willingness and ability to communicate effectively – being able to balance authority, empathy and good listening skills.

Many great business leaders have said they value their staff above all,

Recognition and acknowledgement

Celebrating employees, especially those who are outdoing themselves consistently every week, will boost company morale and encourage your whole staff to invest into making the team and the organisation thrive.

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