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7 Social Media Lead Generation Ideas to Try Next

7 Social Media Lead Generation Ideas to Try Next

Written by Staff Writer


By Rucien Petersen, Managing Director, Spottmedia (Pty) Ltd.


There are many challenges businesses could face when it comes to building a brand on social media. A few challenges include lack of creativity, online reputation management and the ability to become noticed and stand out. However, there is one challenge and theme that is becoming a daily issue for many businesses and that is the creation of content on a consistent level. Content is the life blood for a business on social media. If you do not have content your socials become inactive and dormant. 

There are 3 main aspects brands should consider when it comes to positioning themselves on social media. These aspects include Education, Information or Entertainment. The creation of content should be based on these 3 aspects and should align to the business goals and objectives. 

We were recently part of a skills programme where we conducted a 2 – Day Social Media for Business Workshop in Worcester for youth. Below I discuss a few ideas we focused on when creating content for a business on social media. Here are 7 social media lead generation ideas to try next: 


Run a Competition

If you start out generating followers and engagement is not that easy. A great way to draw attention, generate followers and engagement is to run a competition. Partner with brands that align to your company’s values. When it comes to running a competition the trick in making it a success is the prize on offer. Make sure the prize is of a higher value, what we found with competitions is that the higher the value, the higher the interest and traction.


Product/Service Feature and Benefits

If you stuck with creating unique content the simple and easiest content to focus on is your product and service offering. However, we found that most brands are going this route on social media. One way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to focus on the benefits customers will derive from your product/service. So instead of simple images of the product share more about the experience and value potential customers will gain from it. 



Blogging contributes to your brand being found online and is an effective tactic used to educate potential customers. Besides writing about the value your product/service can offer, you can also write about solution offerings. The words “How to” have been the most searched keywords on Google. Blog using ‘How to’. If you are a baker, you can write regular blogs on How to bake the perfect chocolate cake? How to bake a simple carrot cake? How to start a bakery? Use this content on your website as it will help your business with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) then share this content on your social media pages. 



Another form of content can be to provide weekly tips. Once you understand who your target audience is. Try to see how you can add value to them by providing tips and ways to overcome the challenges you have experienced. These tips can be in the form of short video clips or carousel images. 


CSI (Corporate Social Initiative)

There are many needs within our communities. As a startup or small business you might not always have the funds to sponsor a NGO. The easiest way to get involved in your community is to offer what you have (service, product or knowledge). This will only cost you time and you can use the sponsorship as content for your social media pages. 


Customer Reviews

Credibility and trust is a major issue when it comes to consumers buying into your business and service offering. Asking your clients for reviews and posting it on social media gives you more content to play around with and to use. Posting about your customers feedback instills confidence and trust amongst potential customers when conducting research online on your brand.   


User Generated Content 

Humans connect with humans and user generated content is an effective way to establish a human connection. User Generated Content can either be in the form of your clients or an Influencer Campaign. You can post about your clients’ experience in your store or shop. Alternatively run an influencer campaign where you run a trade exchange offering an influencer product/service in exchange for posts over their social media platforms.  



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