8 reasons you should partner with an event

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By Koketso Mamabolo


Find a problem people have and present a solution, goes the advice. But what about when you’re not the only one with a solution? That’s when standing out from the rest becomes important. 

One of the ways to differentiate your business is to increase brand awareness. You want to get your business recognised. There are many ways to be more visible and one of those ways is partnering with a B2B event.

Partnering with B2B events is great for brand awareness. This is particularly true when it comes to events which speak to what is current, what will be current and what was current.

So what else do you get from partnering with an event?


Communicate with customers

Event partnerships are an indirect way of advertising your brand. 

While advertising in a digital magazine allows you to speak directly to customers and potential partners, partnering with a B2B event allows you to speak to them in indirect ways.


Form relationships

Partnering with an event allows you to build relationships. Firstly, you build a relationship with organisers which can serve you well down the line. Secondly, you have an opportunity to engage with potential partners who can recognise you as a leading business. Attendees and exhibitors are at an event with your name on it, which does wonders for brand awareness. 


You get content, content and more content

The organisers create content, attendees create content, speakers create content, everyone creates content. All that content is available for you to leverage. Your brand’s message will get across to many people across the world in various formats and platforms. By partnering with an event you’re able to take a new direction with your own content as well.



Watch traffic and engagement swell

With all that content comes web traffic and engagement on your social media accounts. From press releases, web posts, interviews, competitions and more, the chance to drive traffic to your website and increase sales is ever present.


Have what you offer on display

All the exposure you get from partnering with an event will also provide an opportunity to present your products and services in different ways. You’re able to market new and existing offerings in indirect and direct ways.


Gain from association

Events that have been around for years, which attract industry leaders from various sectors offer you the opportunity to benefit from being associated with a respected institution. You also gain from associating with non-competitors who are leaders in their own niche markets. 


See your sales climb

The brand visibility that comes from partnering with an event can lead to an uptick in sales. Before, during and after the event your business is on display, bringing in both old and new customers. 


Learn from others

Partnering with an event gives you a front row seat to the transfer of knowledge. You can learn from attendees, speakers and exhibitors. B2B events are where relevant conversations and cutting-edge strategies are shared and your business can reap the benefits of being a part of the important engagements.







Interested in partnering with a B2B event?

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