A dream coming true: Growing a generation of artisans – Skills City Africa

Written by Topco Staff Writer


This week’s Topco Business Unusual webinar was held in partnership with the Open Trade Training Centre (OTTC). The topic under discussion was the “Introduction to the 2 ways of the Education system – from school leaver to tradesman: Skill City Africa”.

In October 2019 OTTC announced development plans for its Skills City Africa project, which is supported by multiple German skills organisations including IKKE and BIV. The dream is to create an all-in-one hub for artisans to train, work, and live in. To find out more, listen to this insightful webinar.

Joining Karla Fletcher, Head of Marketing at Topco Media is Isolde Dobelin, Director of OTTC; Rory Macnamara, Director of Interact Media Defined and Karsten Beermann, Managing Director of IKKE.

Key learnings include:

  1. Addressing the training curriculum gap in the South African higher education sector.
  2. The need for lifelong learning programmes.
  3. How we can create a sustainable, environmentally, self contained city for artisans – Skills City Africa.
  4. The importance of “building, showing and doing” during training.
  5. How to link curricula to the needs of society.

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