Are you maximising your impact? – meet Adam Boros, Head of Social Impact at Tshikululu Social Investments

Are you maximising your impact? – meet Adam Boros, Head of Social Impact at Tshikululu Social Investments

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By Charndré Emma Kippie


Tshikululu is South Africa’s leading social investment fund manager and advisor, working alongside investors and other development partners to achieve sustainable social impact.

As agents of social change, Tshikululu partners with  various clients throughout South Africa to realise their social investment goals. Over the past two decades the organisation has operated in every province in the country, covering urban and rural areas, and collaborated with social investors in various sectors including mining, financial services, renewable energy, property development, banking, insurance, healthcare and logistics.

We sat down with Adam Boros, Head of Social Impact at Tshikululu Social Investments, for an interesting discussion on Sustainability at Tshikululu. 


Please unpack Tshikululu Social Investments’ core purpose. 

Our purpose is to maximise the power of social investment to achieve impact. There are billions of rand spent each year on social investment, but much of this does not achieve as much as it could. By working with clients to design, govern, invest and measure for impact in an effective and efficient way, we aim to ensure that every rand spent towards social good has the best chance of success.


Why are you passionate about the organisation’s contribution to Sustainability efforts and good governance?

It has become increasingly clear – to all but the most stubborn skeptics – that the world needs to fundamentally shift ‘the way it works’ to ensure the long-term sustainability of us all. This must happen on countless levels, with governments, corporations, civil society, researchers, academics, activists all contributing in different ways. At the same time, ensuring strong and transparent governance as this change process unfolds is often overlooked as a critical ingredient of success. At Tshikululu, our work is strongly (and deeply) aligned with the need for sustainable solutions backed by impeccable governance, which will ultimately lead to real, maximum impact.


How do your organisation’s services contribute to Sustainability in SA?

We work with a broad range of clients – including corporations, grant makers and impact investors – as well as numerous civil society organisations driving change on the ground. In other words, at some level we work with most (if not all) of the stakeholders that are essential to drive and ensure sustainability in South Africa. Specifically, we work with these stakeholders to design high-impact strategies, ensure that their social impact work is well-governed, invest in the most high-potential opportunities and measure the actual impact after implementation. All of these things, when done well, contribute to sustainable activities and solutions that will make a difference in the long-term.


In terms of your clients, what key trends are you witnessing within the renewable energy and mining space?

Perhaps the most prominent trend we are seeing is a growing focus on the Just Transition as South Africa (and all economies) move to a low (or no) carbon society. In addition, we are seeing growing emphasis on the need for stronger measurement of socio-economic development activities supported by mining and renewable energy clients, particularly given their targeted geographic focus.


How will Tshikululu Social Investments be prioritising ESG as a focal point in 2022? 

One of our strategic priorities in 2022 is to continue building our capabilities in the ESG space, while also contributing to discussion and dialogue. The growing emphasis on ESG in the investing world is encouraging, but the lack of standardised measures – particularly in the S (social) part of the equation – is problematic. As a business that is dedicated to maximising impact throughout our work, we look forward to working with clients and other partners to help answer some of the important questions related to ESG. Finally, our growing work in impact investing – and the Thrive Africa Fund in particular – will provide ample opportunity to contribute to this space in meaningful ways.



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