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It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to link up with Top Technovators in Africa! 1 Ticket = Hours of Innovation

Unrivaled access to industry secrets behind the accelerated growth of Africa’s tech ecosystem.
Take advantage of Deep Tech Innovation for a post-COVID-19 world. Stay ahead of the curve.
The future is NOW!

It's time to reinvent your business! Meet 3000 Top Tech Companies at the forefront of technovation. The platform was created to connect policy makers, corporate, academics and global leaders as well as fresh talent in the tech industry. 

It focuses on educating African countries on the challenges and opportunities to be gained through transforming its economy through digitisation.

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Kobus Louw - Founder & CEO at Digemy

"Africa Tech Week in itself is a platform that seeks to recognise businesses that are providing Tech solutions in the continent. Businesses, by virtue of being part of the Africa Tech Week give themselves an opportunity to learn from their counterparts."

Pamela Mkhize
Head of Africa Digital Solutions

"ATW is an unbelievable event, and it’s a great honour for me to be selected and take part in something where I can give back to a community that has supported us tremendously in the past year."



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Build Your Community

Attend the conference for insights into the latest trends and opportunities to take your company to the next level.

Collaborations with other attendees and speakers, liaising with potential new partners, together with new tips and tricks that are actionable right away!

Enjoy Live Chats and Q&A's. Connect with experts and industry peers, meet the people who assign budgets in multiple sectors, and talk to future clients 1-on-1.

Future of CX

Why Africa is the next big thing

Harnessing the Potential of AI in Africa

The CX programs of the future will be holistic, predictive, precise, and clearly tied to business outcomes.

Africa has a unique opportunity to leverage new digital technologies to drive large-scale transformation and competitiveness.

Africa offers exciting opportunities to build large, profitable businesses. Its population is young, fast-growing, and increasingly urbanized.