Be inspired – Business Unusual Podcast with legendary survivor Brett Archibald

Written by Topco Staff Writer


Be inspired – Business Unusual Podcast with legendary survivor Brett Archibald

Listen to a story of survival, courage, determination, hope and lifelong learning.

Having fallen overboard, unconscious, off a surf charter boat, 100kms out to sea in the biggest storm encountered in 36 years, with waves of over a metre high in the middle of the night in the Mentawai Straits in Indonesia, being stung by Portuguese men-of-war and jellyfish, eaten by small fish, attacked by seagulls, hit by a shark, plus surviving the ordeal of swimming for 28.5 hours alone in the ocean, entrepreneur and successful businessman Brett Archibald is now a sought-after corporate speaker.

This fascinating BU podcast is a story of courage, tenacity, humour, coming face to face with what is truly precious in life, endeavour and survival – Brett is in conversation with Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media.

Key takeaways to listen out for include:

1. Anything can happen to anyone of us at any time.

2. When you think you are having difficulties, take time to listen to other people’s stories and learn from them.

3. Persevere – don’t let COVID-19 get you down.

4. Every single day we make choices.

5. How do we cope with the unknowns? Re-calibrate, re-align, reflect.

6. What is real? What is really valuable? There is so much noise around us. Keep calm and be in the moment.

7. Do not fight the things you cannot change.

8. What is now will change dramatically and the youngsters today will be the change agents.

9. When Brett’s 3 f’s are in balance – family, friends and faith – then other things fall into place.

10. The answers lie not in bank accounts, but in ourselves.


Hailing from Cape Town and author of the book aptly titled “Alone”, Brett is a charismatic, reputed philanthropist who champions Christel House, South Africa, in addition to having many diverse business interests. Brett’s account of the experience that changed his life forms the perfect analogy for companies trying to tread water in these troubled waters of COVID-19.

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