Be unreasonable! Dr Saundarya Rajesh speaks about the power of social entrepreneurship

Written by Topco Staff Writer


At the Standard Bank Top Women vertical conference on 1 and 2 October, Dr Saundarya Rajesh, social entrepreneur and Founder-President of Avtar, India, spoke about the power of social entrepreneurship and how COVID has unlocked our entrepreneurial spirits. She gave 3 pieces of advice as to how social entrepreneurship can be pursued:

  1. Be unreasonable! Do not give up.
  2. Be emotional.
  3. Be long term.

Watch this fascinating video and learn more from an icon.

A social entrepreneur, best known as the pioneer of second career opportunities for women in corporate India, Saundarya Rajesh was recognised as a “#100Women Achiever” by India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development and also listed in the United Nation’s “Women Transforming India”. She has always been committed to tackling systemic issues and won credibility for irrevocably changing the game for women professionals by introducing the concept of “Career Intentionality” and “Career Re-entry”.

As an entrepreneur Saundarya has created successful, growing enterprises:

  • Avtar Career Creators – a fully-fledged talent strategy consulting company, which has now been powered by artificial intelligence and renamed Bruhat Insights Global
  • India’s premier diversity and Inclusion strategy firm, FLEXI Careers India which goes under the brand name – Avtar
  • Avtar Human Capital Trust, with its flagship project called Project PUTHRI which aims at underprivileged girl students to become career intentional

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