Certification can qualify you for new & exclusive business opportunities – Top 5 Tips to Get Certified

Certification can qualify you for new & exclusive business opportunities - Top 5 Tips to Get Certified

Written by Staff Writer


By Thabiso M. Mohlabeng


Certification Matters!

When looking for exclusive business opportunities with the Government and Private Sector, being able to demonstrate that you are top of your game can help your business stand out from the rest. Here are the top 5 reasons to get certified:


1. Competitive advantage

Having a third-party certification means that your business has been reviewed by an independent body of trusted professionals and has been seen as upholding great quality and performance levels. This certification will differentiate you from other organisations in your field, celebrating your company’s commitment to excellence — it also gives you bragging rights which is an added bonus!


2. Credibility

Certification marks your business as a  trusted organisation. When you’re recognised amongst the best of the best, you automatically boost your credibility and prestige amongst your peers. More and more people will also want to network with you. Topco certifications can boost your credibility and prestige across both your and its network of thought leaders. With the help of Topco’s team, you’ll be able to publicise your certifications across your website, socials and email signature — and your bottom line will see the results, no doubt!  


3. Consumers will trust YOU

A certification will give your organisation a stamp of approval as a reliable and ethical establishment in your respective field. Think of it as ‘a badge of excellence’. Customers need to know that they are working with a business that understands their needs and will deliver on them. Being a certified business, with a great background and reputation, makes you an ideal choice – the reliable choice. 


4. Efficiency 

Professional certifications can also help give your business a solid foundation. The advanced training and knowledge you gain from specialised certifications can provide you with up-to-date tools and technical strategies that will serve to guide and direct you in the execution of your projects, allowing you to manage all aspects of your business more effectively.


5. Earning potential increased

With just a bit of time and effort dedicated to getting your certifications, your business will see a positive effect on its profitability. Why? Because clients and consumers want only the best, from the best. 


Wondering what certifications might be the right choice for your business? Topco Media certifies companies based on core values such as gender empowerment, transformation, top performance — all the good stuff you want to be recognised for!


If you’d like to learn more about certifications that Topco Media offers, please click on the link below to get your complimentary assessment. 


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