Climate change is driving up prices – what can be done? Meet Sanjeev Raghubir

Sanjeev Raghubir is leading Shoprite Holding’s environmental and social sustainability efforts, bringing with him an appreciation for the impact they can have on development and business practices. A speaker at the Old Mutual Future of Sustainability Summit, Sanjeev holds multiple degrees, including an MBA and began his career at the CSIR, as an environmental engineer. 

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast, Tonie Samkange, CEO of ThePRHouse, speaks to Shoprite Holdings Sustainability Manager, Sanjeev Raghubir, about the effect climate change has value chains, the lessons Shoprite has learned in their sustainability initiatives, what large business can do to help communities to deal with climate change and what the future holds for value chains.

Key takeaways from this podcast:


  • Climate change has a direct and indirect impact on climate change, such as driving up prices
  • Large business can play a role in supporting vulnerable communities from the impacts of climate change
  • The floods in KZN have opened up more conversations about climate change
  • “Look at your materiality in terms of a business”
  • Businesses need to constantly look for opportunities to make operations more sustainable
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals set a good standard for doing good business
  • Companies who are on a net zero transition need more support from policies and regulators
  • Sustainable practices like recycling open up opportunities for large business to drive economic activity by supporting the informal sector


Sanjeev’s job is to establish a sustainability strategy and implementation plan for the biggest retailer in Africa, the Shoprite Group, to minimise its environmental footprint across its value chain. Sanjeev started his career at the CSIR where he worked as an environmental engineer. In 2003 he moved to Nestlē South Africa as the Corporate Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability Manager, looking after this portfolio in the Southern and Eastern Africa region. Sanjeev holds a degree in chemical engineering, an honours degree in environmental engineering and an MBA. He’s passionate about environmental and social sustainability, and believes that all business and all development should be conducted with particular focus on sustainability.


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