COVID-19 has radically changed job listings – Here’s what you need to know

COVID-19 has radically changed job listings – Here’s what you need to know

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By Estelle Nagel, Brand Marketing Manager, Gumtree



Covid-19’s impact on SA’s job market 

Gumtree has released their list of South Africa’s most advertised jobs for 2021. Data shows that sales and telemarketing jobs are the most in-demand positions in South Africa – followed by construction work, driving and logistics, nursing and healthcare and accounting and finance.


This makes an interesting change from 2019 data. Though sales and telemarketing jobs and construction work are still the most advertised positions, driving and logistics and nursing and healthcare have overtaken retail and restaurant and bar work to now be in the top 5.


One can make the informed assumption that these changes have been due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. The need for more nursing and healthcare workers is obvious. In terms of driving and logistics jobs, there’s a particular need for delivery drivers for services like Takealot and Mr D, e-hailing drivers (Bolt & Uber), as well as truck drivers for the delivery of goods. By way of informed observation, it seems that this has been due to the rise of online deliveries due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.


Inversely, the need for restaurant and retail workers has declined. Housekeepers have the most job seekers looking for work, with a high number of restaurant and hospitality workers also seeking employment.


Competition for these roles remains stiff, with around 10 000 more applicants looking for work as there are vacancies available.


The Western Cape leads in terms of employment opportunities, with Gauteng second and Kwazulu-Natal third.


Below Gumtree’s most frequently advertised vacancies in 2021:


  1. Sales & Telemarketing

In particular, call centre jobs and sales reps in various industries like cars and other FMCG sectors


  1. Construction & Trade 

In particular, electrician jobs, Handyman services and Mechanical jobs like automotive repairs


  1. Driving & Logistics 

In particular, delivery drivers for services like Takealot and Mr D, E-hailing drivers (Bolt & Uber), Truck drivers for the delivery of goods


  1. Nursing & Healthcare 

In particular, old age carers and hospital nurses


  1. Accounting & Finance

In particular: Finance admin clerks, bookkeepers, financial planners




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