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This week on Topco Business Unusual podcast, we converse with trend strategist, Dion Chang – innovator, creative thinker and walking ideas bank. His company Flux Trends specialises in understanding the consumer mindset and identifying unexpected business opportunities.

Dion works with companies and executives looking at how trends disrupt technology and how new systems are going to impact a sector or a business. However, many executives are trying to fit everything to an old 20th century system and not moving with the times.

These are some of the exciting takeaways from the podcast:

In the next two to three decades the African continent will have incredible things happening. Africa just needs to flip the thinking of “tomorrow is another day”

Out with the old in with the new
Dion is advocating change and he has been doing that for a while now. He knows when to leave the party and advises that you should not be the person who hangs around until the host wants to go to bed.

Many companies might have to adopt the 4:10 days rule where employees would work four days in the office and ten days remotely. That way if anyone contracts the virus within the four days working in the office, then they have ten days’ self-isolation to see if they are showing symptoms.

Trends, gen Z and business
Timing is crucial, understanding what a company’s struggles are and where and when they need to innovate.

The awareness of political issues, of climate change and of things that are fundamentally nonnegotiable for generation Z is going to impact retail – and any consumer brand or employer that is not adapting is going to be left behind.

Written by Topco Staff Writer


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Written by Topco Staff Writer


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