Do you want to raise your reputation? – Partner with a B2B event

Written by Topco Staff Writer


By Thabiso M. Mohlabeng, Digital Marketing Executive at Topco Media


Building up a reputation of thought leadership, success and authority for your organisation is a great way to gain more business. It is easier to do business with organisations you trust, who you know can meet your expectations.

Whether you work in the tech space, gender empowerment, transformation, sustainability or even human capital, there is an event which can boost your brand’s credibility. Event partnerships can help raise your brand’s reputation. They allow you to position yourself amongst other successful brands. This investment is a smart way to leverage the power of credibility. Here are the top 4 reasons you should partner with a B2B event:


Brand Visibility

Partnering with a B2B event brings your business into the limelight. They place your business in front of a global audience. They also come with social media and press coverage. You can take advantage of promotional giveaways before and during the event, which will help potential and current clients to recognise your brand.


Lead Generation

Is it easy to attain 5 qualified sales leads? B2B events do not only bring you qualified leads, but thousands of qualified and ready-to-do business leads. During B2B events you get to meet your target audience in one room compared, as opposed to radio and television advertising. Another advantage is that events give you an opportunity to learn more about your customers and help you promote your products and services. Event organisers typically share data about attendees which can assist you with your operations going forward.


Marketing opportunities

Looking to expand your content strategy? B2B events give you a lot of fresh content to ramp up content marketing. These events get a lot of engagement and you can take advantage of creating your own hashtag to complement the event’s ones, and promote yourself. Events give you an opportunity to boost your web traffic as well as social media reach. You’ll also get social media credibility from attendees speaking about your brand across platforms, giving you much needed exposure worth millions of rands which you would have otherwise gone to different forms of media.


Return on Investment

All in all, B2B event partnerships are about starting solid business relations and getting a solid return on investment. The overarching goal is to leave with a list of quality leads you can contact afterwards. You get to approach the target audience, increase sales and improve how your company’s image is perceived. You get audience insight which generally is hard to get.



Thabiso M. Mohalbeng is a Digital Marketing Executive at Topco Media. 



Want to partner with a B2B event?

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