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Spring is here – new beginnings – are you thinking about a change of career ? Here are some tips for how to make sure you avoid jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

If you are determined to change careers, then it’s important to choose your new calling carefully – it needs to pass both the realism and passion tests. Changing careers isn’t easy so it has to be something that you can feasibly do and that you feel strongly enough about to fight for when the going gets tough. Reflect and set goals and timelines on when you will do your research and take the leap.

Ask yourself about the real reasons why you want to leave your current career. If your frustration is job specific and environmental, such as long hours and an irritating boss, then it may be worth considering other solutions – changing company or even starting your own business, for example. You need to absolutely clear on what is driving you to switch career.

Once you have decided on your target career you need to spend time developing ‘your case.’ Identify the key skills that you have developed at your current role and compare them to the ones that would be useful in your target career – personnel management, problem solving, troubleshooting, etc. Demonstrating that you aren’t coming from a standing start, and that you can immediately add value, will differentiate you from the competition.

Sometimes the heart can get ahead of itself and ‘rose tint’ a sector. Before packing in your current job, test the waters by doing some home learning and speaking to people already in that field about what your prospective new career entails.

Before you start applying for new roles, it’s worth checking to see if there are any opportunities to try your hand at something different where you already work. Explain your goals and your reasons for change. If you are a valued, respected member of staff they may be more amenable than you’d expect, and might even sponsor training. Employers respect ambitious, focused individuals more than those who let themselves drift with the tide.

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