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Are you ready to showcase your Human Resource talent, innovation and impact to South Africa and the rest of the world? By entering these awards you take the first step to positive change within your organisation and eventually, as an employer of choice in South Africa. 

Be seen as an HR champion & innovator

Customers and partners like to see businesses that can demonstrate award-winning talents. It demonstrates excellence, shows you care about performance and makes you more credible. Winning an ‘industry leader’ badge gives you permission to talk with authority and confidence. For existing customers, it reinforces their decision to choose you and makes you more attractive for prospects.

Attract the best talent from interns to managerial level

Nothing breeds success like success. Attract the top candidates. 

Gaining awards plays a role in winning the 'talent war' – jobseekers are more likely to want to join a business that is recognised as award-winning.

Learn the latest digital advances in HR from Award Winning HR Strategies

New techniques, new tools, unpublished data, learn from thought-leaders about their award winning case studies. You will get to keep research from the biggest names in workplace culture transformation

Brand building

Awards are a great way to get your brand out there, creating opportunities for PR trade, local and national press. Communities love to hear about a local business doing well and will be happy to celebrate with you.

Take full opportunity to weave your successes into social media. You might be surprised how many people will like and share award wins, giving your brand exposure, reasons for people to engage and without once needing to directly sell what you do.

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Shirley Zinn
Author & Non-Executive for Sanlam, AfroCentric Group, World Wildlife Fund, MTN South Africa

Teamwork makes the dream work

Writing awards is not the job of the marketing department alone. To pull together a decent submission often requires cross-functional teamwork. Working towards an award can bring teams together and whether you win or lose, the shared experience often makes relationships stronger.

“I was truly humbled and honoured to be the recipient of the Topco Awards ”

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"The event was really well planned, organized and promoted. The Future of HR Awards have a track record of credibility and prestige within the HR field – Thank you for the recognition and opportunity."

Devandré Lawrence
General Manager: People Operations SA Nandos

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Yes, Networking at a Virtual Event

Awards nights are great opportunities to get in touch with other leaders in your industry so don’t be shy. Work the room, see who is there and find out what is going on - even at a virtual event, we give you the opportunity to jump tables & get in on the conversation.

Be seen as an HR Champion and Innovator, attracting South Africa's top talent - from the mailroom to boardroom

Learn the latest digital strategies of award winning thought leaders

Network at an exciting virtual event - join tables and take part in engaging conversations