How to leverage winning or being a finalist for an award

By Koketso Mamabolo


Winning an award, or being chosen as one the finalists, offers a wide range of benefits for your business and the people in it.

A study by the University of Leicester found that within three years of receiving an award, companies see increases in, amongst other things, sales and share value. By winning or making it to the final stage you are exposing the world to your product or service and opening up the opportunity to be recognised for your achievement. 

So, what do you get from winning an award, or being chosen as a finalist? And how can you leverage that for the growth of your business?

Let’s start with the exposure you get.


Top Empowerment award winner, Zakhele Mgobhozi on what winning has done for his business

Your business will stand out from the rest

You have the opportunity to tell your company’s story. People will see what makes you unique and what you had to overcome to be where you are.


You will attract customers and investors

Customers and investors want to know they’re putting their time and money into the best that is on offer. Being a finalist opens up the opportunity for investors and customers to see what your company is about and where you are compared to your competitors.


You get press coverage

Awards and the ceremonies themselves bring with them a large amount of press coverage. As a finalist or winner, your achievements will be broadcast on multiple channels, reaching a wide audience. Whether it’s the organisation that presented the award, their sponsors, or the media, the results and build-up to the ceremony will be covered extensively, giving you another marketing platform.


You will be able to attract and retain talent

The best want to work with the best; it’s that simple. If you’re looking to recruit the best and retain top performers, an award will elevate your status, whether that’s with current or future employees.

Now, what about the recognition?


Measure yourself against the best

It is said that sprinters run faster times when they have people to compete against. They’re given a push knowing they have someone to measure themselves against. Being awarded will allow you to see where you stand in your industry and the broader business community. 


Get celebrated by your peers

Competition does not mean peers cannot celebrate each other’s achievements. There’s an old African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

Here are some tips on how you can leverage winning or being chosen as a finalist.

Catch up with the 2022 Top Empowerment Awards ceremony


You’ve achieved something and the world deserves to know.

Social media

Post about it on your LinkedIn. Tag the organisation who chose you. Tag your colleagues and include the award hashtags. If you’ve received your certificate or trophy, post a picture with it.

Press release

Why don’t you send out a press release to media houses and get some press coverage? You can share what it took for you to win the award or be chosen as a finalist and open up opportunities for more press coverage in the future.


Internal celebration

Big or small, tell everyone in your organisation about the achievement. It can be at a meeting, in an email – you can even host a little (or big) celebration to give everyone a chance to reflect on your milestone, which will be great for morale.


Company bio

“Award-winning” or “Finalist” will look great on your company bio, giving you more credibility with customers and investors, whether it be on your website’s homepage, about page, press kits or company profile.



Having an ad placed in a magazine is great for exposure and you can enhance that exposure by including your achievement in your ad.

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