International Tax Specialist, Nataly Marchbank, chats on women taking the Tax Community by storm

International Tax Specialist, Nataly Marchbank, chats on women taking the Tax Community by storm

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By Charndré Emma Kippie


MEA Tax Director at Cummins Inc, Nataly Marchbank, is an experienced Tax Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in various sectors. She is skilled in Transfer Pricing, Tax Compliance, Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Internal Audit, Accounting, US GAAP and IFRS. Nataly Marchbank is a strong accounting professional and international tax guru with a Masters in International Tax and an Advanced Diploma in Transfer Pricing.



What got you into the field you’re currently in?

My passion started early on in my career. I was interested in tax and wanted to learn about other international jurisdictions. I studied and applied for in-house tax roles after I was a senior manager in international tax at PwC and have just loved it ever since!


What did your tertiary education include?

I completed my Higher Diploma in Transfer Pricing with Thomas Jefferson School of Law. I also obtained a BCom (Acc) degree, Honours Degree in Tax, as well as a Master’s degree in SA & International Tax. 


What excites you about your role?

Dealing with multiple tax jurisdictions and helping to problem solve with the business and to highlight risks when working through the issues to find workable solutions for the business to operate or close deals.


How is your business/organisation enhancing the SA economy?

It’s a contributor of employment in our economy and has a wonderful Finance Development Programme for finance graduates who once they have rotated are offered full time employment at Cummins. Cummins is a progressive company when it comes to diversity and inclusion with a strong focus on women development. I am proud to work for an organisation such as Cummins as you do not often find a company where they put the intention behind their diversity and inclusion agenda.


Do you think your field is diverse in terms of gender equality?

The field has always been diverse with female tax professionals, although still male dominated we are seeing more heads of tax positions being led by women and not just men anymore! This makes me even more proud to be part of the whole community.


What are your 3 tips for ensuring the success of women in your field?

Work with SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Practitioners) to ensure there is female representation in this field! Also, as Tax Director of a large MNC in South Africa, I have a large network and I leverage my network to participate in diversity and inclusion of women. Lastly, I also encourage women doing Finance degrees to specialise and consider tax as a field. 


How have you overcome major obstacles as a woman in your field?

As a woman, you are always demonstrating that you have the necessary skills and capabilities to be a head of tax. I certainly felt the same, but I just kept chipping at it. I studied further, always pushing myself and let my reputation speak for itself. I published articles, wrote academic textbook guides and spoke at tax conferences because I wanted to get out there in the field and get involved as much as possible. Seeing as in the past these roles were dominated by men, I am seeing that women in my field are breaking the glass ceilings and are showing that we are equally skilled for these roles and we can contribute equally like men have! Be humble and always be willing to learn, and if you have an arduous time – know that perseverance pays off! Be passionate and authentic in all you do and this will pay off!


What are your goals for the future?

My goals are to eventually move into a global tax role and eventually take up a Vice President of Tax role. And it’s like I said: all about chipping away at it. I am going to register for my PhD in Taxation as I strive to push myself further in this field and challenge myself.


What advice do you have for young people who aspire to work in your field? 

No matter what career path you choose, be PASSIONATE! Your passion will drive you and no one can stop you! If Tax is your passion, immerse yourself in it and dive right in! Passion is what drives your success.



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