“It’s not about you, it’s about the people around you!”- Michael Jordaan, Founder and Investment Professional at Montegray Capital Pty Ltd.

“It’s not about you, it’s about the people around you!”- Michael Jordaan, Founder and Investment Professional at Montegray Capital Pty Ltd.

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CEO of multiple businesses, Michael Jordaan is recognised as a pioneer of business leadership, technology and all-round innovation. Celebrated for his massive contributions to First National Bank (FNB), where he took on the role of CEO for many years, he is now known as the Investment Professional behind Montegray Capital Pty Ltd. – providing growth capital, strategic advice and access to networks. Since stepping down from his position as CEO of FNB, Michael has successfully invested in more than 25 ventures such as Rain, Bank Zero, and NMRQL. Michael is a dedicated reader and enjoys discussing ideas and strategies with field experts. He also believes that data growth will give birth to new business industries, bringing about new business opportunities for South Africa.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, engages in conversation with Michael Jordaan to discuss a plethora of topics relating to the Financial Sector. From creating entrepreneurial opportunities and freedom, to advocating for financial intelligence in schools – Michael shares critical experiences that are bound to inspire young entrepreneurs across South Africa.


Key takeaways to listen out for in this podcast:

  • When it comes to navigating the financial sector it is important to remember that it’s not about you, it’s about the people around you. It is about the impact you make on people’s lives and not just about the money. Adopting this mindset is how you achieve success.
  • Practicing your craft holistically, whilst having some academic experience, is important. Then, putting together a creative, innovative team that lives in and for the future will create a myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities and freedom for you and your business. 
  • Tip: It’s all about whether a startup gets good distribution before the company witnesses any innovation – focus on getting distribution right. 
  • Fintech and cryptocurrency have shown that legacy and startup businesses both have strengths that can be fused, leading to many cost reductions. Legacy processes and models are important for distribution, while startups bring great innovation. 
  • We tend to over-value ideas and undervalue implementation and execution. Entrepreneurs need to spend more time on making an idea work and finding effective mechanisms for execution. 
  • If you want to make your investments work for you, you need to network and align your values, morals, principles and work ethic with industry leaders.
  • Venture Capitalists require a lot of capital. So you need to remain mindful of this aspect. Maintaining secure investment returns means paying your debts, not broad diversification.
  • Financial Intelligence must be prioritised at school level. Young people must be educated and equipped with financial literacy so that they become financially savvy adults in the future. 
  • Being financially inquisitive is a good thing. Understand that frugal or ‘lean’ growth will ensure longevity. Agility and flexibility play big roles in this regard, as well as acquiring deep domain knowledge – you will have an edge if you know industry secrets that your competitors don’t. 
  • Entrepreneurial Tip: Consolidate and look after your portfolios. You will get to re-invest in the future. So, remember to pace yourself and make sure you stay on your feet by following a good business strategy.



Michael Jordaan is one of South Africa’s most respected business leaders and is the former Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank (FNB). He became the CEO of First National Bank (FNB) at just 36 years of age. However, this is just one of the various outstanding positions in Michae’s repertoire. Michael led FNB to be named the “World’s Most Innovative Bank” in the 2012 BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards, and in 2011 he made the Top Five list of SA Newsmakers of the Year for FNB’s social media presence.

In 2014, Michael Jordaan was awarded the CNBC The All Africa Business Leader of the Year award. He serves on the boards of several companies, which include the likes of CodeX, Invenfin, Compuscan and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). In 2013, Michael moved out of the corporate world and started a venture capital company known as Montegray – mentoring small businesses and entrepreneurs and investing in businesses with high growth potential.


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