Keeping healthy and happy in the workplace: Who is responsible for what?

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 By Silke Rathbone

There has been a significant upswing and focus with regard to employee wellness. Put aside the surreal two years we have all experienced in the shadow of COVID-19; with many jobless, many going through depression, uncertainty, loss and grief, the need to look after our own is super important.

When it comes to an employee’s health, wellness and happiness, as a boss, you can do so much to make their time with you amazing. No, it is not all up to you, but seeing as they will spend most of their adult life working, you may as well do what you can to make it a pleasant experience.



Your business cannot function without people. From the customers who buy from you to the staff that help you run the company, you need to be focusing on the humans around you.


Healthy Employees

A healthy employee is mostly a happy employee. When your staff feel good and lead healthy lives, they are less likely to take sick days off, will be more present when at work and will send out a positive vibe which affects other employees in a good way.


Productive Employees

An employee who is healthy in body will generally be healthy in mind. Having staff that feel good inside and out means a more productive workforce, leading to happier customers and higher revenue.


Local Employees

The stats show that an employee who is looked after well will stay longer in employment at the same company. Having employees who stay longer increases your revenue, mostly just because you don’t have to re-employ. On the other hand, the cost of replacing staff is very high.




Host Wellness Days


Encourage exercise, even at their desk or in the break room or organise a weekly Zumba or yoga session


Keep healthy snacks on hand


Encourage an open-door policy for when they need to talk


Consider flexi-working hours that works for everyone’s schedule


Bring in a coaching methodology – where employees help each other – or even have an external objective coach available


Implement an employee assistance programme – where your staff have access to a trained professional to discuss their daily challenges (believe me this works)



Labour Excel specialises in offering a variety of Labour Law and HR Solutions. Silke Rathbone, one of the Principal Partners, has crafted and honed her skillset and assists corporates and individuals along the Labour journey to ensure they understand what is required of them at all levels.

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