Masterclass CYBERTEC – Data Science and PostgreSQL – and TOPCO Media Masterclass: CYPEX – Rapid Application Building

Written by Topco Staff Writer


Last week we brought you the 4th in this fascinating, important Masterclass series with panelists Hans-Jurgen Schoning, [email protected] Cybertec; Ionita Muller – Programme [email protected] Cybertec and Ralf Fletcher, CEO @Topco Media.

Ralf introduced this week’s Masterclass by highlighting its alignment with the purpose of one of the top tech events in Africa for start-ups – Africa Tech Week: Africa – transforming the world. He highlighted the 5 key topics in terms of digital transformation that the Masterclass would be looking at: connectivity, the culture of innovation, data as the new commodity, the all-important customer experience and issues of cyber security.

Key takeaways to watch out for in this Masterclass include

  1. How you can gather specs quicker.
  2. How you can build database and apps quicker.
  3. How to convert “free roaming” Excel sheets to professional database apps.
  4. Rapid migration from APEX to Open Source.
  5. POSTGRESQL is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world – rapidly replacing the bigger, more commercial data bases globally.
  6. One of the eternal software development challenges is information loss during the information journey from customer to developer – you need to get rid of the middle men.
  7. A solution to information loss and too many middle men is a standard interactive interview process which can immediately lead to prototype.
  8. Making software development and prototypes so cheap that changes don’t matter is the CYPEX way.
  9. The client is your friend not your enemy!
  10. The benefits of CYPEX include smaller development teams, faster development lower development costs, easily scalable and a 100% solid solution.

Cybertec has been in operation for more than 20 years and their areas of expertise include artificial learning; machine learning; deep learning; big data; business intelligence; data mining. The services they offer include 24/7 support, high availability, consulting, performance tuning, clustering and migration. CYBERTEC has offices around the world including Uruguay, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Mauritius, Estonia and South Africa.

Hans-Jurgen Schoning is CEO @ CYBERTEC and Ionita Muller is the CYBERTEC Programme Manager for the Africa region.

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