Meet Africa Tech Digital Transformation Award winner, Bluecode Africa

Meet Africa Tech Digital Transformation Award winner, Bluecode Africa

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Bluecode is a mobile contactless payment, on the account rails of local financial institutions. No need for a card, or card schemes. We speak to Sampa Diseko, former communications executive for BLUECODE AFRICA. 


What does winning this award mean to you and your team?

We are honoured to be recognised for our mission and product capability to support digital transformation across businesses and stimulate real financial inclusion. 

We have a solution that is designed to make payments transparent and inclusive, while facilitating emerging markets that are still cash-dependent. At the same time, we want to address connectivity constraints and help banks get more visibility and offer more value. This includes providing SMEs with the ability to offer value to their end customers from one digital payment platform. We appreciate that our product’s market value is being recognised.  


Do you find it important to enter awards? Why?

It is important to enter awards and to be counted with a group of entities that share similar interest in positive change and outcomes. Especially for digital: just because it is digital, doesn’t mean it is better. It is what you do with it that matters and a distinct line can be drawn. We are moving into an age where we either feed into one large conglomerate that is all about data that controls the entire chain, or we work together as entities to offer the market fully-valued products and solutions. I believe no individual and no company can or should be an island. Awards support a collaborative opportunity for companies to engage as well as recognise efforts that inspire their teams to keep moving forward.


Any exciting plans for next year?

We, here at Bluecode Africa, have been making waves in our markets, and we look to be more vocal as we grow. We plan to keep expanding and increase our market engagement. At this stage, we have been working closely with our customers to help them implement their digital strategies. Next year, we will be working even harder and faster.


Any advice to others trying to improve their digital transformation?

Businesses need to stop thinking short-term. Instead they need to plan to be future-proof and flexible. Markets need payments that are appropriate for their market while also ensuring that they have the means for expansion. 

Businesses should engage with digital entities that specialise in specific parts of the chain so that financial sectors can do what they do best.

There needs to be an offramp solution that takes focus and effort in order to be ready for the digital world.  There will be a time where we are only digital, and it’s time to get ready and understand that it is ongoing and fluid. We will have no choice but to adjust and adapt. Think about what you could do and not what you once did. Hire right, partner right.


Any parting words?

The start and heart of Bluecode Africa was, and is, about real financial inclusion as set by our late Managing Director Muray Gardiner. Any digital company entering the market has a responsibility to drive value and it should not just add another layer of costs or weight to the chain. It must reduce and improve the status quo. Financial institutions need to look beyond the top tier percentile and upper-middle market as their cash cow. They must also include the lower middle market and the forgotten segments in order to reduce the clear gaps we see in society. This can be done by collaborating with digital market players that are designed to expand, grow and include individuals. It will allow the entire financial sector to be better, stronger, and far more inclusive than it is today.



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