T-Systems: How to make innovation, transformation and global best practice work for you

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T-Systems: How to make innovation, transformation and global best practice work for you

Dineo has received numerous awards and acknowledgments in recognition of her leadership and achievements.

Meet Dineo Molefe, MD at T-Systems SA

One of the most challenging things in life is to balance work and family and having the determination to ‘make it’ in a world where leaders are not born but made. Dineo Molefe, MD at T-Systems South Africa can testify that it takes sheer determination and the will to educate oneself without the privilege of financial support, whilst raising a child at a young age, and managing to climb the ranks in the corporate world.

What left an indelible mark on Dineo is how many young girls/women currently face the same struggles that she battled over 20 years ago.  She has noticed that it is not only financial constraints that create barriers to education and a successful career, but also cultural attitudes such as respect that is often interpreted as a lack of confidence, shyness and an inability to have your voice heard. This was often apparent when Dineo engaged with graduates that participate in T-Systems internship programme.

But the spark for empowering women was ignited a long time ago for Dineo.  When working for Thebe Investment Corporation as Group Financial Director, her dream to help uplift women, young women in particular, took hold when she established “Thebe Ya Mosadi”, the company’s Women’s Empowerment Programme. Currently she currently sponsors the T-Systems Women’s Forum, which is led by women in the company.

Dineo has received numerous awards and acknowledgements in recognition of her leadership and achievements, among those are:

  • Winner 2018: Gender Mainstreaming Awards – Positive Role Model
  • Winner 2020: South African Professionals Awards – Professional of the Year Award in the Digital Industry Class of the Commerce, Law and Management Category.
  • Nominee 2020: TOPCO – Top Empowered Business Leader

5 key messages from Dineo

1 The importance of investing in your own education

  1. Who you are is shaped by where you come from
  2. Life is a challenge – we need to face it head on
  3. The importance of SMMEs and how they can reduce reliance on imports for South Africa
  4. How we can level the gender playing field

About T-Systems

T-Systems South Africa (TSSA) has a proud history in South Africa having first invested in the country in 1997.  As a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor, our competitive advantage is through delivering world class services and standards while adapting to the unique needs, priorities and expectations of our clients and partners in South Africa.

T-Systems provides powerful assets to support and make your ICT Strategy real, end-to-end and scalable. Our four core focus areas – connectivity, intelligence and automation (through digitisation), cloud and security, create value for your business and are integrated by the unique T-Systems approach.

Our local clients include leading private and public-sector organisations across the following sectors: Automotive and manufacturing; Financial Services; Healthcare; Mining and agriculture as well as Retail

Let’s power higher performance – together.  We bring together connectivity, IT and digital solutions to help streamline and improve performance across your enterprise – strengthening agility and security and simplifying the integration of new technology within your existing infrastructure.

By providing the technology and expertise needed to evolve your business and solve your greatest challenges, you can better manage complexity and focus on opportunities to accelerate your success. 

 Time is the only resource we can’t get back, save it – by getting assistance from a provider with unbeatable engineering skills; very high security standards and a focus on compliance and security requirements with a high degree of flexibility as well as competencies. 

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