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There are two reasons podcasts are so popular. Firstly, they’re easy to consume. You can listen to a podcast just about anywhere. Whether it be in your car on your way to work, or on your phone in public transport;  all you need are a device and internet connectivity.

The second reason is that podcasts offer a different way to share and consume information. This cuts both ways: podcast producers don’t need much complicated infrastructure to put them together and listeners can gain valuable insights while going about their day. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably a podcast about it. Whether it be the challenges women face in business, or secrets to success from thriving entrepreneurs, the rise of podcasts has created a new pool of knowledge for audiences to draw from.

The Topco and Top Women Business Unusual podcasts began in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic triggered lockdowns in South Africa. Since then, many wonderful conversations have been had. 

The podcasts  reach a diverse audience and are shared with subscribers in Topco’s weekly newsletters. The conversations have featured thought leaders with years of experience creating solutions to challenges they’ve faced in their sectors. Guests have shared how they went about solving problems and discussed ideas in conversations that are as informative as they are natural. 

Here we highlight some of our Topco podcasts and share a few takeaways from each.


In this Standard Bank Top Women podcast, we sat down with Leanne to discuss a host of topics, from the importance of having a safe space to what keeps her grounded in South Africa. Leanne shares some of the vital lessons she’s learned throughout her career and dives into what it really means to make a change.


Key takeaways:


  1. We can’t save people, but we can give them a voice
  2. If your heart’s in it, you can succeed
  3. Forget external validation – look within




Standard Bank Top Women sat down with Rolene Strauss for a motivational discussion surrounding women rediscovering self-confidence, changing the narrative, and how women in South Africa can equip themselves to successfully climb the ladder towards positive leadership. Rolene provides key insight into maintaining a work/life balance, getting the most out of your personal growth journey, and overcoming stereotypes and domestic gaps.


Key takeaways:

  1. Find your purpose and decide to work towards a specific direction that you choose for yourself
  2. The biggest hurdle women face in life, in terms of leadership and career development, is based on an internal factor: self-confidence. Good leaders need a healthy level of self-confidence to succeed
  3. One needs to surround oneself with people who are supportive of your growth, purpose and passions. Your circle of friends and family should be an uplifting support system






While living with his uncle in Alexandra, Theo completed a BCom Accounting degree and went on to work in South Africa for two years and then the Middle East. It was during his time in the Middle East that the accountant-turned entrepreneur saw a gap in the sneaker market. He noticed that on a global level there was something missing − an African sneaker brand portraying an authentically honest African story. 


Key takeaways:


  1. Theo’s advice on successfully scaling a business
  2. The benefits of winning an award
  3. His advice on telling a proudly South African story




Here Leila discusses how our roots and experiences are what shape us and how we, as Africans, are in a unique position at this time, where there is much space for us to do good. She also considers the way we need to approach leadership roles in order to achieve optimal success and the way that technology advancement is moving in today’s rapidly-evolving world.


Key takeaways:

  1. Sometimes enquiry is more powerful than advocacy, and in the same sense, sometimes listening is more powerful than telling
  2. An advantage that Africa and emerging markets have is that we are able to leap frog legacy technology – we have a very real opportunity to attract international investments
  3. Our approach to life is rooted in the lessons we’ve learned from those who came before us


Photo of Dr. Fourie Courtesy of Daniel Lester Photography

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