Taking on the “African Agenda” – Thomas George, Managing Director & Geography Head: Africa at Wipro Limited, talks agility, alignment and new transformation strategies

Taking on the “African Agenda” - Thomas George, Managing Director & Geography Head: Africa at Wipro Limited, talks agility, alignment and new transformation strategies

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Thomas George, Managing Director & Geography Head: Africa at Wipro Limited, is a seasoned professional in the IT and ICT space. Understanding much of Wipro’s digital transformation processes, today, Thomas’s journey with the organisation has seen many structural changes and beneficial experiences. Wipro has seen massive transformation over the past year, with a major focus on making the organisation as agile as possible. Thus, Thomas has key insight into business growth, customer acquisitions, customer satisfaction, and streamlined service delivery procedures.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, engages in conversation with Thomas George to discuss “the new scheme of things” in the IT and ICT sector. Thomas goes in depth on topics such as customer-based business models, the simplification of internal processes, value chain enhancement and understanding the “African way” of going about business.


Key takeaways to listen out for in this podcast:

  • In the current climate, one must adopt the philosophy that is “close to customer, close to team”. This will ensure customer centricity (improving your customer journey design) and maintain a good in-house culture for any organisation.
  • If you want to get somewhere in life, educate yourself. Education and knowledge is a powerful tool that will drive success in any field. Learn and take in as much information relevant to your craft as possible to empower yourself.
  • Older organisational structures and strategies can often be limiting. Upgrade these elements to enhance and accelerate service delivery and boost organic growth and credibility with customers.
  • Your organisation’s key objective should be making sure that the market can empower and meet the needs of customers. Take a look at good, profitable assets that can boost existing offerings – taking the African agenda into account.
  • It is vital that any organisation, in IT and ICT especially, understands its clients’ nuances – and vice versa. Understand each others’ capabilities and contributions to a mutual mission.
  • In terms of an “African Way” of doing things, there is much complexity to consider. Looking after such a huge continent requires relatability and empathy. Learn the local nuances and economic priorities, and align your organisation’s values with this.
  • There is a critical gap that must be redressed: Women in IT. In aligning your organisation with the vision for the ‘kingdom’ or nation, it is important to create better job opportunities for women and create ‘knowledge hubs’ that empower them.
  • We need to stop taking potential jobs/workforce out of the country. We must keep this pool of talent inside our borders and enhance the country. This is where remote working and outsourcing can play a pivotal role.
  • Reach out to your communities and help individuals break into the mainstream market – especially women. Creating pockets of talent is essential, and these must be nurtured to make South Africa a strong global contender. We must create new, innovative opportunities, locally.
  • IT/ICT is a sector that moves and transforms quickly. You must find a way to pivot and keep up with new ways of working. Reinvent your organisation and re-train your people to ensure success and longevity.



Thomas George, the Managing Director & Geography Head: Africa at Wipro Limited, was previously Business Head of Wipro Arabia Ltd – a JV between Wipro Ltd and Dar Al Riyadh. As the P&L owner for Wipro Arabia, Thomas was responsible for business growth, customer acquisitions, customer satisfaction, service delivery, business operations and people engagement across the region which consists of the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Thomas has spent more than a decade in Wipro and has managed various roles including heading the business for Eastern part of India, Western part of India prior to Saudi Arabia. Prior to Wipro, Thomas has worked in organizations like Digital Equipment (India) ltd, Pertech Computers, Kshema technologies and has worked in geographies across India, Europe and Middle-east across Sales and business operations. In his previous roles, Thomas has established Wipro as a leading player in the respective geographies cutting across industries like BFSI, Government, telecom, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities.



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