The lighter side of life: a chat with Nik Rabinowitz

The lighter side of life: a chat with Nik Rabinowitz

In this week’s Business Unusual podcast, Topco CEO, Ralf Fletcher sits down with Nik Rabinowitz. As a giant in the South African comedy scene, Nik has seen it all.

With an uncanny ability to leave his audience in stitches, he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. That being said, comedy aside, Nik also has a very well-rounded view on society and the world at large. He brings with him knowledge about how life has changed since COVID-19 and whilst he acknowledges the realness of the consequences we’re currently facing; he also looks to the lighter side of things – perhaps something that many of us forget to do. Nik and Ralf discuss the way that life as we know it has transformed in recent months, as well as the opportunities we are now afforded with regards to self-exploration and growth. They take a look at how sometimes in life we end up on a completely different path to that which we envisioned and that the best way to face this is to embrace it whole-heartedly.

Key takeaways to listen out for in this podcast:

1. We sometimes have plans for how our lives will turn out, but often they end up taking a completely different trajectory and the best thing we can do is go with it.

2. It’s common to pursue something solely because we’re good at it and often this isn’t the right path for us.

3. Now is the perfect time to really question what it is we want to create for ourselves – we’ve got the space to think and not limit ourselves.

4. Sometimes we find ourselves chasing external activities to generate a certain state of mind.

5. Being stuck in the ‘more’ mentality can be dangerous. There is something to be said for appreciating what we have in the present moment, regardless of how little it is.

Nik’s bio – courtesy of his website

Stand-up comic Nik Rabinowitz grew up on a farm in Africa, climbing trees and commentating on his own rugby games in three of South Africa’s eleven official languages. He was raised on the mean, green streets of Constantia, Cape Town, a world of ride-bys, piano lessons, and unrelenting love and financial support from family members.

Written by Topco Staff Writer


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Written by Topco Staff Writer


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