Top Empowerment: Meet the leaders forging the way forward

The Top Empowerment Conference & Awards bring together outstanding leaders, individuals and organisations, who are making a contribution to empowerment and transformation. The awards celebrate South Africa’s business elite for showing vision, innovating and being an inspiration.  Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons why a business or an individual would enter, and some background on Top Empowerment as we go in to Day 2 of the conference.

The Benefits of Entering


Differentiate your business from your competitors and stand out in your industry

Measure your performance against South Africa’s best

Gain prestige and recognition from peers 

Entrench your brand on a leadership platform

Highly valuable PR and media exposure through multi-channel marketing

Celebrate your achievements

Raise your profile to attract investors and key stakeholders

Network with fellow business individuals • Attract and retain top talent

High-volume press coverage

Top industry leaders will review your nominations

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You can catch up on Day 1 here

Top Empowerment

Established 19 years ago at the request of President Cyril Ramaphosa, Impumelelo was the first directory of top black-owned and managed companies in South Africa. Since then, the Top Empowerment brand has grown into one of the country’s most well-respected transformation platforms. 

In the past two years the words ‘recovery’ and ‘transformation’ have begun to take on greater significance in South Africa. As we seek to claw back the gains wiped away by the pandemic, we are still working towards opening up the economy to all. Empowerment is what brings those words together. The goal is not only to take us back to where we were, but to go even further.

The 21st edition of Top Empowerment sheds light on the people and businesses who are playing their part to empower others. In sectors all across the country, individuals and organisations are working tirelessly to place others in a position where they too can succeed. 

Inside the latest edition of Top Empowerment you will find interviews and links to podcasts with inspiring individuals who are touching the lives of others through their roles as entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Among the articles you will find are an overview of B-BBEE’s journey over the last 18 years, as well as advice on how to improve your rating. We also take a look at companies who are at the forefront of enterprise supplier development and celebrate the companies developing diverse and inclusive organisations.

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