Top HR: Your go-to mag for HR resources, tools & best practices!

Top HR: Your go-to mag for HR resources, tools & best practices!

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By Fiona Wakelin 


Top HR is here!

Book the date! Launch of first HR digi mag by Topco Media – coming to you this September!

Since the onset of Covid in 2019, businesses around the world have had to pivot, change direction, change course and adapt to the new normal. This has had seismic effects on services, staff, structure and sustainability.


As a business leader, what are your pain points?

  • How will you not only survive but flourish?
  • How do you make sure you have the right team?
  • And if you do, how do you ensure their wellbeing?
  • Is staff retention of top talent a concern?
  • Do you have a diversity and inclusion strategy? Is it being implemented?
  • Is your company culture resulting in a dynamic work environment and business growth?
  • Is your digital transformation programme on track?


Key to managing these concerns in each organisation is the Human Resources team, as the crucial link between staff and management, they provide advice and guidance about how best to function optimally while managing expectations – in the best interests of the company and employees.


At the The Future of HR Summit last year, Marc Privett, GM at Simplify, emphasised that success requires a clear strategy from the top – which includes the ability to mobilise a team in challenging times as well as the ability to adapt and embrace digital transformation.


What are the major pillars that should be at the core of your HR strategy?

The Top HR digi mag brings you the 7 mega trends to watch out for:

  •  Leadership
  •  Employees Experience
  •  Diversity And Inclusion
  •  Health And Wellness
  •  Recruitment And Talent Acquisition
  •  Skills And Development
  •  Digital Transformation


The publication is jam-packed with interviews from specialists in their field at companies such as Pearson, Wavemaker, CareerBox, CRS Technologies and Podcasts with:

  • Ian Fuhr – Building culture-driven organisations
  • John Sanei – Taking control of your future
  • Brett M. Cooper – Solving the People Problem
  • Janine Ahlers – Addressing misconceptions around coaching
  • Luc-Olivier Marquet – Social Change & Interpersonal Relationships


As well as the link to our Masterclass series with Marc Privett and Simplify.


There is also a must-read advice section covering a wide spectrum of current issues and topics such as:

  • Overcoming pandemic fatigue: How to uplift your organisation
  • Fulfilled and happy people are productive employees –
  • The Future of Work is Now – Recruitment & Staff Take Centre Stage
  • Helping South African organisations to build strong company cultures
  • Human capital & actionable data are your business’s most valuable resources
  • How to engage employees – next generation brilliance, today
  • Supporting employees during remote working lies in communication
  • The High-Impact HR Operating Model
  • The importance of building your business networks – it’s no longer just about what you know, it’s about who you know


If you would like to showcase your services and success by participating in one of Topco’s best publications, alongside a cutting edge digi mag, please contact Quarnita Jumat via: 

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