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“Great initiative. Africa needs this!”

Dr. Ayodele Odusola

Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme, SA

"ATW is an important event on the African events calendar as it shines the spotlight on Africa’s growing tech ecosystem – an opportunity not to be missed."

Tanya Van Lill


"In fact, Africa’s wonderful potential cannot be denied. The future of Africa is bright with these initiatives."

Oday Albadaan

2021 ATW Delegate

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2022 Africa Tech Week Speakers 

and many more!

Artwell Nwaila

Head of Creative Google South Africa

Emmanuel Lubanzadio

Head of Public Policy for SSA Twitter

Jared Isaacman

Founder & CEO Shift4 Payments

Ravi Bhat

CTO Microsoft


Ofentse Mokwena

Strategic Projects Lead Uber SSA

Shayan Sanyal

Head of Game Tech Business Development Amazon Web Services

Sean Sanders

Founder & CEO Revix

Joylynn Kirui

Senior Cloud Security Advocate Microsoft

Mmathebe Zvobwo

Executive: Enterprise & Supplier Development Telkom FutureMakers

Bob Moesta

Founder & CEO Rewired Group

Natalie Kolbe

South Africa Private Equity Specialist Norrsken22 Fund

Hertzy Kabeya

Founder & CEO The Student Hub

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