14-15 JULY 2021 

The year of transition

Recover • Respond • Regain • Rebuild

“Events like Top Empowerment Conference are crucial around how to improve transformation” 

Take your business to the next level, Meet 2,500 Top Companies driving change, get into there supply chain with direct connections, discover the different ways of  accessing funding,  form partnerships and do deals.

Instantly connect with TOP decision makers in business and Government 

How to access FUNDINGget into new supply chains and get more business 
Find out the BIGGEST opportunities, where is business and government spending

“... I also managed to establish good contacts during the facilitated networking session on Day 1 and generally during the conference.”

Do Business with Corporate SA NOW

Establish Credibility

Do deals

Connect with Buyers

Learn what it takes to WIN awards, grow your business and get more business than you dreamed about, how Award winners grew their companies and the bottom line.

Connect with the right people and industry peers. meet new people who allocate budgets, from multiple sectors, talk to future clients 1-on-1, Live Chats, Q&A's

This is your opportunity to talk to banks, DTI and other funding and grant organisations, find out how the Top Entrepreneurs are doing it.

Get Mentored

Grow your brand 

Get Funding

This is your chance to be mentored by the  best of the best in the industry, Ministers, CEO's, Academics and entrepreneurs in the comfort of your home.

Collaborations with other attendees and Speakers, reaching out to participants to partner-up,  with new tips and hacks that's actionable right away.

Get introduced to your future customers NOW

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Busisiwe Sithole
 Group Head: Transformation | MMI Holdings


Xolani Magojo
General Manager: Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship
Illovo Sugar Limited

Personal & business branding is driving business growth, learn from the best in the business, how to get invited to meetings and get a seat at the main table