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Aimed at providing assistance to clients on how to do their jobs better, information and support to developing business executives and entrepreneurs, small – medium business owners and to assist businesses during this time with digital tips and tools and how to’s used to communicate with employees and clients and to educate South Africa on the future world of work and generally to help businesses do more business to grow our economy.

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Previous Masterclasses

Emerging Technologies: How they can assist HR with workplace challenges post COVID-19 masterclass

Brought to you by Oracle

Introduction to the two ways of the education systems from school leaver to tradesman: Skills City Africa

Brought to you by OTTC

Turning challenges into opportunities for employees post COVID-19

Brought to you by Old Mutual

Cybertech Masterclass Series

Ep 1: Top 5 Data Trends for Africa

Ep 2: How The UN & Austria Bank Are Saving 80% On Database Administration

Ep 3: Artificial Intelligence & Data Science for Business Applications

Ep 4: CYPEX - Rapid Application Building

Standard Bank Top Women Masterclass Series

Ep 1: The Ultimate Businesswomen Survival Guide By Top Women Awards

Ep 2: Strategies for Success

Ep 3: The future world of work and how to establish work-life balance flexibility!

Simplify Masterclass Series

Ep 1: How recruiters and candidates are adapting during COVID-19 and what the future holds for the workplace.

Ep 2: Practical tools to gear your business for POPIA compliance.

“We, as an organisation, are excited to see the power of positivity spread.” 

– Ralf Fletcher


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