What does the business of the future look like?

Today, every company in every sector is being impacted by the fourth industrial revolution of digital disruption. Not just “digital”, mind – we’re long past the time of businesses being introduced to the wonders of having a website, the connectivity of Skype or the marketing potential of social media. In the digital disruption era, we’re dealing with a plethora of communication platforms, the complexity of big data and the automization of numerous roles and tasks that we, as humans, used to rely on as our own. This new era is both a challenge and an opportunity for business leaders and, in fact, for anyone in the workforce today.

Topco is a media business whose 20-year history predates the digital rubicon. You can bet we’re going through changes. The process involves not only the acquisition of new, more advanced skill sets, but also the growth of a business culture that can thrive in the new era. Attached, a quick overview of five ways in which most businesses today are having to shift their collective mindset. Good luck with plotting your course into the future.

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