Woodford Bid – Why suffer a sale when you can auction?

Woodford Bid - Why suffer a sale when you can auction?

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Convenient and user-friendly services

Selling your car can be a painful process. Apart from getting your vehicle  sales-ready, you need to figure out a price and then deal with buyers trying to cut thousands off that figure. Then there’s the admin and safety aspect. Having prospective buyers coming to see the car and fielding questions and queries can not only be exhausting – during a pandemic, it can be dangerous as well. Luckily, there’s a new and easy way to sell your car AND get the price you want.

In an industry-first, Woodford Bid – an established auction platform for  selling cars to a large database of trusted dealers – is now offering the public the chance to list their personal vehicles on the website.

That means that all you need to do is list via a simple, interactive platform – and then watch as verified dealers bid on your vehicle during weekly auctions, with the sale only going through once your reserve price  is met. What’s more, you can sell for more than you expected, if the dealers keep bidding beyond your asking price. 


Successful case studies 

Take Joyce*, for example, who successfully auctioned her 2017 Ford in March 2021 on the Woodford Bid platform. 

After owing the bank around R350 000, she made the tough decision to sell her car, but was only being offered between R300 000 and R310 000 by local dealers and private buyers. After spending considerable time  showing off her car, she decided to load her car via the Woodford Bid website, and within three days, the car was sold for R358 000. 


Safe, secure and free

The process to load and auction your car is not only simple and easy, it’s safe, secure and free from the hassle that’s associated with the logistics of selling a car.  

During the auction, the seller will receive real-time notifications and updates, including when the reserve is met and when the vehicle is sold. There are no hidden fees or commission charged, other than a listing fee of R50 and an admin charge only once the vehicle is sold. 

The real appeal, however, is the trusted group of buyers that the individual  is selling to. All buyers are vetted dealers, who are guaranteed not to waste the time of the seller or have any payment issues. The approach is undoubtedly a game-changer for people around the country wanting to sell their car, but don’t want to go through the headache of listing the vehicle in a public space. 

Since launching the feature, Woodford Bid has already seen a great uptake in privately listed being purchased by dealers. In March 2021, more than  50% of these vehicles were sold, at more than 10% above retail value, on average. 

Woodford Bid will continue to update the platform and develop solutions  that are aimed at providing the best experience and results for the public. 


  • If you would like to auction your car on the Woodford Bid platform, all you  need to do visit www.woodbid.co.za and select the “Sell Your Vehicle” tab. 
  • You can also contact Anton at Woodford Bid for further information: [email protected] 


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