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Our Vision | Networking the nation’s Performers

21 years ago, in as new democracy, we launched Topco with the aim of giving the best South African companies the market exposure they deserved. Everywhere we looked, we saw organisations, and their leaders, rallying to the needs of empowerment, skills development, job creation and sustainability, while also raising the benchmark in terms of performance.

 At a time when professional business directories and events were still nascent, we set out to research, identify and showcase top-performing companies to each other, to local and international investors and to key decision-makers in government.

Our mission was to promote and award these companies but, in doing so, we further sought to grow an informal network in which the country’s thought-leaders would talk, exchange ideas and form meaningful partnerships to tackle economic challenges and grow South Africa’s prospects as a global competitor, for the good of all her people.

Over the years, our network has grown into a cluster of networks, spanning different focus areas from empowerment and gender equality to public sector excellence and the National Development PLan (NDP).

Today, the wealth of business knowledge our researchers have amassed is a unique property in the business arena; and our annual awards, conferences and publications collectively engage thousands of organisations and business leaders, who share an optimistic vision for South Africa, and the commitment to turn that vision into measurable progress.

The Topco approach is now having ramifications beyond our borders, with the establishment of Zambia Top 300 Companies and Government Departments, in partnership with KPMG.

We, as an organisation, are excited to see the power of positivity spread.

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Awards , Conferences & Publications

Vision 2030 Summit

Fully supported by the National Planning Commission Secretariat in the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency, the Vision 2030 Summit & Awards makes the National Development Plan accessible and understandable to all South Africans, fosters national unity around the push for a prosperous future and outlines the role investors can play in making it a reality. Opening up the stage to public and private sector icons, it’s history in the making.

Top500 Awards & Publication

An annual gathering of renowned CEOs, government officials, public figures and celebrities, who come together to celebrate the successes of the Top 500-listed South African companies leading their respective market sectors. Every year, key decision makers wait to hear who will be crowned elite leader among the best of the best – South Africa’s Best Managed

Top Empowerment Awards

An annual gathering of renowned CEOs, government officials, public figures and celebrities, who come together to celebrate the successes of the Top 500-listed South African companies leading their respective market sectors. Every year, key decision makers wait to hear who will be crowned elite leader among the best of the best – South Africa’s Best Managed


When you participate in Impumelelo, you join South Africa’s top empowerment leaders of business and industry in the country’s leading business-to-business directory.

To be eligible for inclusion in Impumelelo, companies and organisations must meet the rigorous entry criteria, as researched by Topco’s in-house research department.

Top Empowered Companies are evaluated in terms of three spheres:

  • Empowerment credentials
  • Financial performance
  • The triple bottom line

National Business Awards

After recognising and awarding the top performing companies in South Africa for 14 years, Topco Media has built a vast network of inspirational leaders. At this two-day conference delegates gain access to the champions of industry, thought provoking content, and C-suite networking opportunities

Do we live in uncertain times, or do we thrive? The National Business Awards highlights the companies and public sector entities invigorating their sectors and generating brighter prospects for all South Africans. Nowhere else will you find more inspiration than under one roof, on one unforgettable night. The Awards ceremony is preceded by a must-attend Conference where finalists, winners and industry experts share their invaluable strategies for success.

Top Performing Companies

Visionary top companies in South Africa and government departments seek to partner with empowered, high performance companies. These partnerships result in an exchange of only the best products and services, most competitive prices and highest levels of service efficiency. Such relationships raise the corporate performance bar higher and uplift the economy as a whole, but they begin here: in the pages of South Africa’s Top Performing Companies.

Future of HR Summit & Awards

The annual Future of HR Summit & Awards celebrates the pivotal role of human resources in South Africa’s constantly changing business environment, and honours HR champions from around the country. The fully-attended Summit sees industry leaders and experts pooling their expertise to forecast trends, sharing innovative approaches to challenges, and workshopping employee engagement, talent acquisition and leadership.

Top Women Awards

The Top Women Awards is a collaborative platform dedicated to recognising outstanding leadership, inspiration, vision, and innovation in organisations that have stepped up and shaped women’s roles within the private and public sectors. The awards categories reflect a wide spectrum of work these deserving w omen from the public and private sectors are involved in. This includes CEOs, executives and leaders in corporate South Africa, SMMEs, government departments and agencies, as w ell as entrepreneurs.

Top Women Conference

This is one of South Africa’s premier gender conferences with influential speakers showcasing the women who are redesigning economies, reshaping government and business, and redefining

Top Women Publication

Since 2004, Top Women Leaders has been South Africa’s leading gender empowerment publication; listing and celebrating visionary organisations that prioritise gender empowerment as integral to their growth and success.

The publication, along with its valued partners, is dedicated to showcasing these organisations as leaders by example, to be emulated across the economy.

Fast Track Networking

Are you interested in participating in our next Fast Track Networking Session?

It’s not just about what you know,
It’s also about who you know

• Want to make more contacts in 10 minutes than others do in 10 months?
• Want to boost your business overnight?
• Want to introduce your services to potential clients or partners?
• Want to form strong alliances with like-minded companies?
• Don’t have time to phone up person after person?
• Difficulty maintaining contacts after corporate events?


What is Fast Track Networking (FTN) and how does it work?
FTN is like speed dating for professionals. It is the best way to build and maintain relationships with the companies you want yours to do business with. It’s a unique, fast-paced and structured initiative in which busy decision-makers meet briefly to introduce or promote their business and readily share contact information with each other. This type of event can provide exposure to a lot of people in a short amount of time. It’s a way to let others know who you are and what you are looking for.

What are the key benefits of FTN?
• Make new business contacts
• Interact one-on-one with other professionals
• Showcase new products
• Promote your business
• Generate publicity
• Find solutions to your business road blocks

How to prepare for Fast Track Networking
• Practice a 60-second statement that includes your name, title or occupation, and what you are looking for, such as information or leads and get straight to the point
• Make sure you have a supply of business cards ready, bring at least 30
• Bring a pen and notepad
• Attire is either business or business casual
• Remember that you only have a few seconds to make a positive first impression

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